PeriAnesthesia Care Nurses of Arkansas  

Regional Director, Region 2

Jenny Kilgore BSN RN CPAN


Let the good times roll! It’s Mardi Gras in my home town, a time filled with balls, parades, costumes and my favorite – King Cake! Reminds me of a rapidly approaching event particularly designed for perianesthesia nurses – ASPAN National Conference! I hope to meet with you in Indianapolis, be prepared to be energized and increase knowledge of our specialty practice!

PANAW week has come, I hope you celebrated with colleagues! I was delighted that my hospital celebrated with us by a gift basket filled with goodies. We also enjoyed great food and sported out PANAW t-shirts. I always look forward to seeing posts from my ASPAN friends on how they celebrated.

Much to share about ASPAN! Our membership is strong, currently, 13000+ and growing! ASPAN now has a group membership that offers institutions a discount as they support nurses to join. ASPAN has also released a perianesthesia nurses video. You will find it on YouTube and it is well done. So take a few moments to enjoy it and share!

ASPAN continues to support perianesthesia nurses through education, research, and clinical practice. Standards and Guidelines strategic work team is currently working on a variety of guidelines and position statements. Here is a glimpse into the work being done for the specialty of perianesthesia nurses.

  • Position Statement on: Air Quality and Occupational Hazard Exposure Prevention
  • Position Statement on: Perianesthesia Patient with Do Not Resuscitate Advance Directive
  • Guideline for Pain and Comfort
  • Guideline for Hypothermia
  • Research and Review of Obstructive Sleep Apnea – developing guideline

ASPAN continues to offer the highest quality educations designed with the perianesthesia nurse in mind. Now it’s exciting to know that they are implementing modes of delivery that meet the nurse’s needs. Through online modules, webinars the perianesthesia nurse is equipped to increase knowledge and skill even from the home setting. All the while managing busy families among other duties.

I had a phone call this week from an anesthesiologist. He is involved in opening a new surgical center. He called me inquiring about how to obtain a copy of the ASPAN Standards. The director for this new facility insisted on obtaining a copy of the ASPAN Standards. Wow, I was so happy to share with him that ASPAN has recently published the 2017-18 PeriAnesthesia Nursing Standards, Practice Recommendations and Interpretive Statements. I hope you have your copy, at the very least that you have a current copy within your unit.

It is always a pleasure to share about ASPAN and its benefits! Again, I hope to see you at national conference! It is an honor to serve as your regional director, I’m an email/text/call away! Take care!

Jenny Kilgore